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Ashlee G.

Salt Lake City, UT


While in LA last week I took the opportunity to stop by Ron's Jewelers. As with just about everywhere else they were closed due to Covid 19. Bummer! But I thought I'd call anyway to see if they could still due repairs. Marc was so nice, he asked how long I'd be in town and what I needed done. Then he said, "tell ya what, if you wanna meet me at the store tomorrow morning you can leave your jewelry and I'll work on it. I was so impressed! Next morning I stopped in and Marc met me there. I carefully handed him two watches and my wedding rings. He said he could hurry and clean them up, replace the dead battery and size my watch if I just wanted to give him twenty minutes. Then as he looked closer at the rings he said "Ashlee, you should really let me re-rhodiumize and tighten up the prongs, but that takes some time". I'm like "Sure!". He took everything got straight to work and text me when he was done and waited for me that evening. Awesome! Not only did he not charge me for the watches but he went way beyond expectations with my rings, adding extra gold where he thought the prongs were weak! Thanks Marc!! This is why I always make sure I have time to stop in anytime I'm in LA! WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND!!

Sheena T.

San Pedro, CA


Mark and Ashley are amazing ! They helped my husband pick these amazing earrings for me and when I lost one of my backings were so sweet to give me all new ones for free, usually jewelry stores will charge any where from 25-40 per backing . And then they helped me fix my wedding rings and make them look beyond amazing. The results were more than I can ask for .I would recommend anyone to see them .. they are truly genuine and will continue to do business with them and refer them to all of our family and friends! (Sheena T. San Pedro Calif.

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Melinda U.

Glendale, CA


I'm brand new in town and was looking for a place to get jewelry information and to start researching a wedding ring. Mark and Ashley were amazingly friendly and shared so much information with me that I will definitely be going back. They were professional, friendly and knowledgeable and I had a chance to learn about their business, which is been based here for decades with hundreds of satisfied clients.  I was so impressed with both of them and the time they spent with me that I think I will ask them to help me design my wedding ring. Fantastic service!


Joe B.

Los Angeles, CA

4/23/2019 Updated review

Love's Ron's  , Best deals around and quality is awesome !

7/20/2018 Previous review

Once again these guys knock it out of the park . Ron  and Ashley make such a great team . I bought my wife her first good quality wedding band from Ron's Jewelers . Since then they have done a great job servicing all our jewelry and watches . These guys go the extra mile . They have more than earn our trust . We will be clients for life Ron's Jewelers ..
Thanks Again
Joseph & Robin

Nadia S.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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This place is great! Quality work at really fair prices. I've been here a few times now for my watches, and Ashley was an amazing help! They have beautiful jewelry, so we will be back there again! Thank you so much for everything!


Alexis H.



I went to get my watch fitted here since I had a horrible experience at the clock shop on Weymouth because the guy in there was so rude to me, made me wait 30 min to tell me he couldn't size my watch and to go somewhere else. I then went to Ron's Jewelers on western and they were so kind and respectful towards me I really felt comfortable. It took him less then 5 min to size my watch and helped me out. Ron's Jewelers is definitely the spot I recommend to everyone!



Long Beach, CA

0 friends 9 reviews


I brought in a Rolex bracelet that needed to be fixed because the links are known to detach. I took it to several jewelry places & they all hesitate to fix it because it is a challenge. Yet, Ron was willing and provided exceptional service to fix my Rolex bracelet. He was able to fix it in a decent amount of time and fair price. Because I am a loyal customer, I highly recommend Ron's Jeweler, they are the BEST!

Elisabeth W.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA0 friends


I have been a customer at Ron's Jewelers for a number of years.  He has replaced an amethyst in an antique ring, created and engraved 3 dog tag necklaces, and completed usual repairs such as batteries and watch bands.  On each occasion, I have been very pleased with both his work and prices.  They are reliable and trustworthy as they would have to be in order to have a business in San Pedro for over 50 years.  He is also honest about what he can do and what he can't.  Thank you.  E

Don I

San Pedro, Ca.


I went into chase bank in the park plaza center at Christmas when I noticed Ron's jewelry store next door, I had been in the market for a set of Matching Rolex watches for my 10th Anniversary, so I went in to check them out, Wow what can say what a beautiful store and the nicest people, I not only found matching watches, they saved me over a thousand dollars on them, I can't say enough about this little Gem of a jewelry store it's like going back in time to when the people working knew what there are doing, not only did I find what I was looking for I also found a jeweler that is actually a real jeweler! They have there own repair shop right there on site, Im going to have them make me up a couple of matching rings also, I'm so excited I would personally recommend them to all my friends and family!

Carli H.

San Tan Valley, AZ


When looking for a local jeweler I went to yelp first to see the reviews on all the shops in San Pedro. Not to mention names but I went to two of the shops that were rated high and both made me feel like they were in a hurry and not really interested in helping me. I can be pretty indecisive so I know I am a customer that takes time, but the two previous shops totally had no interest in helping me. I decided to try one of the shops that had a lower rating so I went to Ron's, let me tell you they took their time helping me choose the perfect setting. I didn't feel pressured and I left feeling confident with what I purchased. They also cleaned both my rings. I appreciated Marks outlook on the difference of each and every diamond. Mark and Ashley were very helpful and helped me pick a beautiful setting. 

Ed S.

Guam, Guam


Fantastic one day service, we were traveling and my wife cracked her ring while cracking crabs (another story...) .  Mark was able to repair it in a few hours as well as clean and replace the battery in a sentimentally valuable Bulova watch I had brought along.  Nice shop, good location, interesting selection of watches and jewelry as well, we found another purchase, influenced by the fast and friendly service.

George G. San Pedro, CA


Ron's Jewelers been taken care of my Family since 6th street in San Pedro...Always Quick and Informative Friendly service...Always will go to them with help on Maintaining my Jewelry and Information Much Love! 

Erika E.

Wilmington, CA


Came tob Ron's for an Xmas gift. I found exactly. I was looking for. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will recommend this store to my friends and family


Toni M.

San Pedro, CA


Hi my name is Toni,  I just want to say how much I have enjoyed doing business with Ron's Jewelers they have been so compassionate about there service, I went through a rough time my husband got laid off after 30 years and I had a ring made at the shop could not pay for it and Mark let me make payments so I can keep my ring other jewelers would have just sold it.  I am so pleased of the way the ring was made it is just beautiful and not expensive at all. So thank you RON'S JEWELERS for being there.


Janine R.

Beverly Hills, CA


After Visiting this Establishment  We were absolutely pleased with the service we received though we made only a small purchase of a watch battery the employee's were very friendly and carried quite a knowledgeable conversation about the Bulova watch that had been handed down to us. The parking is abundant and the store atmosphere is very relaxing. We would recommend this store as a Gem find.



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